Link to URL / Post Plugin

Hide your long ugly affiliate links with your own short and easy to remember links or redirect your old posts to a new post or external link

This plugin can help you in (features)

  • Hiding your affiliate link and converting your long affiliate links to a short easy to remember link
  • Redirect your old post to an external link or a new post
  • Keep track of the number of visits to these links


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How to redirect your Old post to new post / External Link

  1. Copy the permalink of the old post excluding the domain name. (e.g. If Old post link is then copy only 2011/08/old-post-link/)
  2. From the option page of the plugin, add the copied old post link to Source URL/ Keyword
  3. Add the New post link or the link to which you want the old post to get redirected in the Destination URL.
  4. Select the type of redirection you want and click Save Redirection

Note: You are not required to delete the old post. If you don’t want the redirection of the old post any more than just delete the added redirection.


Suggest a feature / Report a bug

If you want a feature to be added to the plugin then all you need to do is suggest by commenting below. Help me build a better plugin by reporting bugs.