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We are no longer accepting Guest articles. If you still think guest blogging will help the SEO of your site then have a look at what Matt Cutts (Google) has to say about it. http://www.mattcutts.com/blog/guest-blogging/

What is TechXT.com and how this site started

TechXT.com started as a support forum for all my (Sudipto Pratap Mahato) free plugins for wordpress. Specially for my Tweet, Like, Goolge +1 and Share Plugin. If you happen to visit this page then most probably you have used this plugin. It was getting difficult for me to provide a full fledged support for this plugin through email specially when people were facing similar problems with the plugins. So a forum was much needed.

Now TechXT is not just a support forum but also a Technology News and How to blog.

Some Statistics of TechXT.com

  • PageRank – 5 as on March, 2014.

Why write for TechXT

This is for two  reason–

  1. I want to keep running this site specially the support forum for that I require few donations.  Through article I will be able to generate some revenue using Adsense to run this site.
  2. I want to create an informative site for my visitors. A blog for the people by the people.

What will you get in exchange

Now here is the best part. You will also be benefited by writing an article. But HOW?

  1. You will be getting a backlink to your website for every article written by you. Getting backlinks from a PageRank 3 site is not bad.
  2. I will be implementing 100% revenue sharing model for this blog and the authors will be allowed to display their on adsense on this site for their published articles.

What articles to write

Of course there are few rules for the articles to be published

  1. You should be the sole author of the article
  2. No copied content (A site without a single article is better than a site with hundreds of copied articles)
  3. The article must be informative and technology and web related (e.g Reviews, How to, Top 10, Social Media, Blogging, Software, Gadgets etc.)
  4. No promotional reviews
  5. Nothing illegal

How to send the articles

Its the easiest of all

  1. Login to this site using your Facebook or Twitter Id. Goto to Dashboard and create a new article. (Do not forget to add your email id [Users > Your Profile] after login for the first time. I will be requiring that for informing you about the published articles or why I cannot publish your article)
  2. or Email me your article – sudipto[at]techxt.com