Do You Have the Skills Necessary to Pass the CompTIA CTP+ Certification Exam?

By Sudipto   January 30, 2013

comtiactpIf you are able to successfully pass the CN0-201 CompTIA Convergence Technologies Professional (CTP+) certification exam, your knowledge of selling and servicing components of data, voice, and multimedia convergence technologies will be validated. Additionally, passing the exam gives you the CompTIA CTP+ certification, a vendor-neutral certification which is recognized internationally. Employers who hire you after earning this certification will expect you to be proficient in data networking, telephony networking, and convergence networking.

Throughout the 65 questions on the CompTIA CN0-201 exam, you will be tested on your understanding of requirements analysis. You will also be required to demonstrate your understanding of implementing and managing basic data components. To successfully pass the exam, you will need to understand voice and multimedia applications, basic problem analysis, and resolution for convergent technologies.

While there are no prerequisites for the CompTIA CN0-201 exam, you are encouraged to undergo the training provided by CompTIA. They offer classroom instruction, study guides, and eLearning materials to help you review the concepts found on the exam. You may also use the certification exam preparation services of TestsLive to help increase your chances of passing the test. Additionally, it’s recommended that you have at least 18 months of work experience prior to taking the exam. You should have previous experience with data networking and telephony in job roles such as server technicians, system and network administrators, and field support technicians.

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