Windows phone beating Blackberry blue

By Guest Author   September 7, 2012

Summary: Blackberry has apparently entered in a fierce war against Windows Phone, and by the looks of it, Windows Phone is gaining grounds. This article highlights the key features of the ensuing battle between the two. The article also features the story of Blackberry users, its applications and what the future can hold for us.

Without much ado, let me inform you that rumour has it that Windows phone is beating the Blackberry really badly in the market. Apparently the sale of Windows phone is to supersede that of Blackberry by the final quarter of this very year! Woof! So much for a technology race.

In their defence Research in Motion CEO States that Windows phone is being really confusing with his release of Windows Phone 8 while 7 and 7.5 are already in the market. According to him this is a very confusing and distractive strategy that they have chosen, because more and more of their users are getting worried about which one to go for.

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If you ask me, statistics indicate that whatever Windows strategy is, it is doing just fine, because, obviously, Windows phone is showing much more promising results that Blackberry at this moment. Also, Blackberry too isn’t far behind in the game of illusions, because amidst the rumours of Blackberry 10 rolling into the market, the Blackberry 6, 7 still exists.


Technology analysts don’t wait for things to happen. They conduct surveys and researches to determine the state of affairs. One such survey states that the users of Windows Phone will increase drastically in number by November 2012. Too much too soon, I guess.

This will mark a definitive behavior of the consumers today. However, do Android and iPhone have to start worrying about it just yet, is not a confirmation. When Windows Phone entered this field about two years ago, the market share of Research in Motion’s Blackberry was about 34%. Two years, and this baby is losing grounds.


Blackberry has had a unique set of users in the past. The kinds of users that Blackberry has had have fierce loyalty towards the product. In spite of all the different gadgets coming in today, Blackberry users did not seem much interested in treading on a different path.

However, the new users are a different story all together. People today seem to have moved on from the ideas of using the Blackberry altogether. The new users are very impressed with the kind of innovations being made in the mobile application development sector. New open source platforms have yielded a much wider horizon for the users today.

Custom Blackberry Application Development

Whatever said and done, there is a huge consumer base for custom blackberry apps. Today, Blackberry users globally have claimed that if you are looking for a business phone, there can be no other but a Blackberry. There are various apps that are customized for usage by business owners to streamline their business processes and to make sure that their work can be handled in a much better way.

Applications that can be made for the Blackberry are:

  • Business Applications
  • Utility Applications
  • Entertainment Applications
  • Instant Messaging Applications
  • Social Media Applications
  • Social Networking Applications
  • Multimedia Applications
  • Educational Applications
  • Healthcare Applications

And many more

The World and its Smartphones

There is no number that can define what all can be accomplished through mobile apps made for Smartphones. How one can use an app is completely dependent upon the person. What one can do is only limited by imagination.

In fact, a recent television series I was watching featured an episode where one person broke into a bank through a blackberry app. strangely creative! I thought to myself that seriously, there is no particular limit to all that can be achieved through a Smartphone.

The present day states that we are looking at a future where an app would do everything that we do today. Who knows, soon maybe there’ll be an app for writing blogs! I guess wait and watch is the new mantra for our generation. If you have a kid, wait till you see him “go to work” through his Smartphone application! Now that would be cool!

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