Type “Zerg Rush” on Google Search [Game]

By Sudipto   May 6, 2012

Google is full with hidden trick and entertainments. If you are getting bored and have nothing better to do other than surfing the internet then you can try out this Google search engine trick.

Just open Google and search “Zerg Rush“. You will be surprised to see that the Google search page turns into a game and the Google “O’s” is trying to take over your Google page. Its not just a sit and watch trick but is actually an interactive game. The mouse cursor changes into a plus sign and you can click on the “O” to kill them and stop them from taking over the page. In the end Google lets you share your score on your Google+ account. This is a simple game and best for people who have accessed to Google at office. If you are getting bored at office and have accessed to Google then this is the best game to play without getting caught.


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