10 iPad Apps You Should Have on Your New iPad

By Guest Author   April 16, 2012

You must be feeling like the coolest kid in your area because you just bought the latest release of the Apple’s iPad. But the fun does only begin with you having the device on your palm, and you want to enjoy the feel it will give you when you have some of the coolest apps you can have for your iPad.

While there are countless of apps in the itunes store that you can either download for free or pay a little fee to have on your device, not all of them are worth the sweat! That’s why I’m listing ten apps you must have on your new iPad. These apps are the ones you’ll find on any iPad you come across but they still maintain their beauty.

Kindle App

The kindle app by Amazon is a must for every iPad user. Not only does this app allows you to read the books you otherwise would have needed an Amazon Kindle for, but it also allows you to download all the books you once had on you kindle to your iPad!

This app is worth all you can give for it, and it can be downloaded for free on the Apple App store.


If you are a blogger or serious business person and don’t want to let a minute of your day go without been accounted for, then you must go for this app. Keep records of important things you need to do, and also add notes to accomplish to-do lists you create on your iPad.

The sleek and beautiful performance of this app is marveling and it’s started gaining some great reviews and popularity on the internet.

This app falls under the “free apps” category on the itunes store, which is more reasons you should check it out!

WordPress for iOS

Every once in a while you’ll come across a WordPress blog on the internet, and if you’ve been dreaming of creating your own free wordpress site, you should have this app on your iPad. It’s flexible in operating and can be used to create a new self-hosted WordPress blog or a .Wordpress.com site.
This app is also for free on the itunes store.

Plants vs. Zombies HD

“Plants vs. Zombies” is one of the apps that have been designed to meet the criteria of the new iPad retina display. This app will not only engage you, but it will also challenge you to think fast on how to protect your house from coming under invasion by the hungry zombies.

Engage and delay the zombies by blocking their way with plants.
The 51.3 MB app goes for just $6.99 on the itunes store and after playing the game you’ll agree with me that it’s worth the price.


Tweetbot is one of the best client apps for twitter on your iPad right now. This app makes it easy for power users to manage their twitter accounts and is also flexible that even newbie twitter users will find fun in using it.
The attractiveness of this app combined with its smart gestures will sweep your mind. It goes for just $2.99 and can be found on the itunes store.

Angry Birds HD

“Angry birds” is not just an app in the market. The creativity of the brain behind the idea that gave birth to this very popular app cannot be undermined. This game tasks you to unleash the anger of the birds on the green pigs that have inflicted pain on the birds by hiding their eggs.

As you take on a new level, you will find the game more interesting and challenging. The app can be downloaded on the itunes store for iPad.

The HD version will amaze you with its powerful display on your iPad.

Awesome Note

Awesome Note has been referred to as the finest “to-do” app for bloggers. With the features that the app combines such as creating categories, sorting out notes of your to-do lists with convenience and all that you’ll find on it, the app is worth every bit of publicity it has gained.

Awesome note also has a landscape mode that will make it possible for you to type if you need to add a long note to your to-do task.


iBlogger is the app that is been referred to as the ‘app of all trade’ for bloggers. This is owing to the fact that this app is a multi-platform blogging app. You don’t have to blog on any specific platform before you own this app on your iPad because the app is built to work for any platform you blog from: it works for blogging platforms such as WordPress, Blojsom, ExpressionEngine, Blogger, drupe, Typepad and so on.

I will not be surprised if this app goes on to be listed in the most popular blogging apps.

Infinity Blade II

Is there any other game you think might exploit the true graphic capabilities of the new iPad better than the best selling RPG game Infinity Blade and its sequel from Chair Entertainment? The Infinity Blade II will show you how graphically powerful your new iPad is, as it has been upgraded for the new retina display.

It goes for $6.99 on the itunes store.


The much awaited Apple proprietary photo editing app has finally been integrated into iOS. This app (iPhoto) has been optimized to perform perfectly for the touchscreen interface, which would be very great on devices like the new iPad.
The app has loads of tools that make it simple and easy to use. It only goes for $4.99 on the itunes store.

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