Top 4 Popular posts plugins for WordPress

By Sudipto   April 15, 2012

Displaying the most popular post helps to engage the visitors of your site more.  The best post on your site helps you to retain your visitors and also guarantees that some of the visitors will again come back to  read your blog or may subscribe to the site feeds. It will definitely help you in reducing the bounce rate of your site.

Here are the list of best Popular posts plugin that you can use on your site–

1. WordPress Popular Posts

This is the best popular post plugin that you can use on your WordPress blog. It has a huge array of options like displaying popular posts based on number of comment or post views. There is also an option to give the time range of the popularity like popular posts in the last 24 hrs or last 7 days etc.

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2. Top 10

This is one of my favorite popular post plugin. Again the list of options available will help you easily customize the plugin with ease. One thing I like about this plugin is that it give you the ability to define the HTML tags of the display. If you want to customize the display of the popular posts then this is the best plugin for you.

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3.  Ranged Popular Posts

This plugin will let you display popular post based on number of comments. It also gives you the option to define the time from current date to specify then the posts are considered popular.

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4. Recently Popular

This is again one of those popular post plugin that lets you customize the display of the popular post. It has all the features that a popular post plugin should have like ability to chose the time interval, category filter and display view counts.

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