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By Sudipto   April 15, 2012

There will always be some person add to your Facebook whom neither can you unfriend nor do you want to chat with them. You may have to avoid them because either they are too annoying or due to some other personal reasons.

So here is a how to hide yourself (go offline) from a specific list of persons on Facebook chat.

Method 1: Go offline for some friends or list of friends

Click on the little gear icon at the bottom of the Facebook chat List and goto Advance settings…

The advance chat settings has 3 options to chose from. If you would like to hide from a specific list of people on Facebook then just select the first option “All you friends see you except...” and add the list of friends from you want to stay offline. Click Save button to save the settings. All added friend on the list will never see you online again.

You may also choose to be visible only to few friends and go offline for the rest. This can be done using the 2nd option “Only some friends see you..“. Select this option and add the list of friends who can see you online.

Method 2: Edit individual friends settings

You can also go offline to your friends by selecting “Go offline to …. ” from the individual friend’s chat window settings. This options comes in handy when you want to be invisible to your friend sometime and not all the time. To go back online again, select “ Go online“.


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