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By Sudipto   April 6, 2012

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You must be aware that Google is the largest and the most used search engine of the World. But do you know that it also owns more than 180 domains to serve a different search page in the local language of the visitor visiting the Google site.

Below is a list of all domains that Google owns. Google lately acquired the .XXX  domain name too. Visiting the returns a page not found error but the whois record shows that the domain has been registered to Google Inc.

There are also some of the most interesting Google domains in the list like and This is the closest that you can find Google to its biggest rival Microsoft (ms and ie may ironically be referred as Microsoft and Internet Explorer respectively but actually they are ccTLD of Montserrat and Ireland)

List of 189 domains that serves the Google searching page. (XXX domain is owned by Google but domain is not active yet)
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