How to activate secure browsing on Facebook [Security]

By Sudipto   March 26, 2012

Facebook has the option to access your account using secure browsing (Https).  If you turn on this feature then all your Facebook traffic becomes encrypted which makes it more difficult for people like hackers to access your information. The bad thing about Facebook is that this is an opt-in feature (the feature is not activate by default so you need to activate it yourself).

How to turn on the Secure browsing (https) feature of Facebook

Step 1: Go to your Security Settings page (Account Settings > Security)

Step 2: Click on the Secure Browsing section

Step 3: Check the box provided and save your changes

How to check if Secure browsing is turned on or not

Its very simple to identify if secure browsing is turned on or not by looking at your browser’s address bar. If the feature is turned on then the Facebook address in your browser should begin with https:// and not with http://


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