How to use Pinterest browser add-ons effectively

By Veeshaal   March 25, 2012

A number of add-ons for the browser makes it easier for pinning photos on Pinterest. Many browser add-ons makes it easier to pin a photo with a single click or keyboard shortcut or even attach a full screenshot of the digital whiteboard or enlarge the photos in Pinterest. Here are the few most interesting Pinterest browser add-ons.

Pinterest – pinning photos and videos

So far there are mainly three popular ways in which photos or videos can be pinned at Pinterest. Either one pinning the bookmarklet, which as a bookmark in the browser is inserted, inserts on the appropriate form Pinterest the link to the web address of the page on which is the preferred photo or – similar to Twitter – repin the contribution Pinterest of another User. With all the browser extensions are now open to Pinterest users even more ways to easily attach photos to their bulletin board.


Browser add-ons for fast pinning

With the “Pinterest Pin it Button” for Chrome or “Pinterest Right-click”  for Firefox and the “Easypinner for Pinterest” for Opera will let you pin photos with a click of mouse to the Pinterest Message Board.

Pin It!” for Chrome in turn allows the user to easily pin with a keyboard shortcut. After you have installed this browser extension on Chrome, press “Ctrl + Alt + P” and can be as usual to choose the photo to pin. Add a description and click the Pin button.

Enlarge images with Pinterest

Addons like ” Pinterest image expander” or ” Zoom Pinterest” (both for Chrome) or “Pinterest Image Enlarger ” (for Safari) will let you enlarge any photo while viewing your Pinterest Message Board.

Instead of pinning of individual photos take screenshots

If you want to take a screenshot of the webpages that you visit then “Screen 2 pin” extension for Chrome will come in handy. Unlike other addons you can use this to take a screenshot of the webpage and share it on Pinterest.

It is striking that the majority of Pinterest browser add-ons can be found currently in Google’s Chrome. The competitors Firefox and Safari but seem to follow suit now.

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