How to download all photos from a Facebook album

Around 7 billion of  photos uploaded to Facebook  every month.  It is also currently the largest photos site on the Internet. Facebook lets you create photo albums where you can upload as many photos as you want to. Though it lets you create albums but there are no options to download all photos back from the album.

Well though Facebook does not let you download the whole albums at once but there browser addons available which can let you save all photos to your computer. These addons not only let you download your own photo albums but you can also download your friends photo albums  or any photo albums that are publicly available. Have a look at these addons below–

For Google Chrome:

Download FB album – After you install this plugin you will notice a small icon gets added to the address bar of Chrome ( See image below). Open up the Facebook album (the page where you can see the thumbnails of the all photos in that album) that you want to download. Press the Download FB album button (small icon in the address bar). A new tab will open up will all the photos of your album. Press CTRL+S to save all images. It will be saved as a webpage but don’t worry go to the place where you saved your webpage. You will notice that along with the webpage, a folder with the same name as the webpage with a suffix “_files” has been created. This folder contains all the photos of your album.

For Mozilla Firefox:

Fluschipranie – Firefox users can install Fluschipranie addon to download all photos of a Facebook album. Install the plugin and restarted Firefox. Login to your Facebook account and go to the albums (the page that lists all the albums). Right click on the album that you want to download and click Fluschipranie’s download. It will ask for a file name and the location to save the photos. After you select the location to save it will automatically download all photos of that album.

UPDATE: Fluschipranie addon is also available for Opera (Download)

Both the above plugins are capable of downloading not only your Facebook albums but also your Friends Facebook album.

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By Sudipto on March 18, 2012 · Posted in Facebook