How move menu below header image in Thesis theme for WordPress

By Sudipto   March 17, 2012

This is a simple tutorial to move the Thesis menu below the Header image. This tutorial is applicable only for users of Thesis theme on their WordPress powered site.

Note: We assume that you have atleast a slight knowledge of PHP. Incorrectly editing custom_functions.php can make your site go down so please be extra careful while doing so.

Add the below code in custom_functions.php (Thesis > Custom File Editor > Select custom_functions.php from the drop down and click Edit selected file)

<?php // PHP opening tag. Add if not already added 

//Function that calls the Thesis nav menu 
function my_nav_menu() { thesis_nav_menu(); } 

//Remove display of Thesis nav menu before header 
remove_action('thesis_hook_before_header', 'thesis_nav_menu'); 

//add our nav menu function to display below header 
add_action('thesis_hook_after_header', 'my_nav_menu'); 

//PHP closing tag. Add if not already added 

Explanation of the code

The above code removes the default hook to display and Nav menu before header image and adds a hook to display the nav menu below the header.

Update: Check out this Ultimate Thesis Options Plugin. This will help you customize your Thesis Theme too easily. Like centering menu, Right Align menu, adding a second menu, adding Footer widget areas and many more options.

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