Simple methods to download Youtube Videos

By Sudipto   March 11, 2012

I will show you some simple tricks to download Youtube videos. Though many may think that you need to have softwares installed to download Youtube videos which is not true. Below are two simple methods with which you will be able to download videos in no time.

Method 1 : Using websites

Keepvid – There are many websites that let you download youtube videos but I like Keepvid. All you need to do is copy the address of the Youtube video in Keepvid and it gives you the download links for the video.

Method 2 : Using browser addons

FastestTube – Google Chrome users can install this addon. After installing this addon, an extra download button will be created below the video. To download the video click on the Download button and select the format of the video to be downloaded. This addon can also be installed in Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer.

Flash Video Downloader – This is a Firefox addon. Like the FastestTube plugin, this also adds a download button below the video in Youtube. Only benefit of using this plugin is that it helps you download not only from YouTube but also from Facebook, Dailymotion, Break, Metacafe and other video sharing websites in one click. You can also download flash games with this addon.

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