How to delete your Facebook account

Facebook is the best and the most used social networking site. But sometimes  you feel the need to delete your Facebook account. But Facebook does not give you any direct options to delete your account. Delete Facebook account permanently First login to your Facebook account and go to the below URL. Fill up the form and your Facebook account will be deleted. Account once deleted cannot be recovered back. So before Filling up the account deletion form you can take a backup of your Facebook posts and other data, just in case you need them in future. To take a backup of your data goto Account settings > General > Download a copy of your Facebook data. Deactivate Facebook Account Facebook also gives you an option to deactivate your Facebook account. Deactivating will be same as deleting your Facebook account accept that later on if you want you can reactivate it and start using your account again. This option will make your account temporarily unavailable to your friends and others till you reactivate your account. To deactivate your account goto Account settings > General > Deactivate your account. Check out the below images for further reference      

By Sudipto on February 21, 2012 · Posted in Facebook