Facebook Accounts Are Getting Hacked

By Prateek Bansal   November 16, 2011

Well this is a must to inform all the people who are using Facebook that severe Facebook accounts hacks have been reported. All this has taken place because people were  continuously clicking on the Spam Links . Well Hackers now how to exploit people and they have used many ways like Adding Pornography, Violent images or messages which got spread like a virus.

This all happened within hours and all  information was leaked and was in the hands of Hackers. So please be safe and do not click on any suspicious link or any pornography content.

Well talking about my own account on Facebook ,  I found some settings changed so I immediately changed my password.

You can check whether your account was Hacked or not by just seeing your updates. Just follow the steps:-

1. Go to your Account settings.

2. Go to SECURITY .


If you see that your account has been opened from any other location then change your password immediately.

We have already mentioned above security alerts. Take a look at it and this will help you to make your account secure

[Best Security Alerts For Facebook]


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Prateek Bansal

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