Google+ Realtime search and Hashtag [Feature Update]

By Sudipto   October 13, 2011

Vic Gundotra an engineer at Google announced that they have add two new features to its new social sharing network Google+. Which are

  1. Realtime search results
  2. Improved #hashtag support similar to Twitter

Now if you search some keyword in your Google+ account, then you will be able to see realtime search results. Which means if someone post something at that very movement then it will get displayed on your screen instantly without your refreshing the page. This will be useful if you are following some specific news and what people are talking about it in real time.

The second feature is the improved hashtag. Similar to Twitter, Google+ now has the #hashtag feature. Which means you will be able to add search keywords or topics to your posts. People will be able to click these keywords and get more results and realtime posts on that topic.

Well these two features are as of now not available to everyone and Google is slowly rolling out these feature to everyone. So you are unable to see there on your account then don’t have to get worried as they will be available to you soon.


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