New features of WordPress 3.3

By Sudipto   October 11, 2011

Today WordPress has released the 3.3 beta 1 version for beta testing. This is just a beta release and should not be used on a production site. If you want to test this version and check out the new features then you can download the version from here.

Features and changes of the new 3.3 version

1. A new media uploader – The media upload in this version has a drag and drop feature to upload your images. Not only this now you have an option to scale the image on the fly as you upload to a set size. This is one of the most required feature and will definitely save your time to scale large images before you upload.

2. Improved Admin bar – The admin bars design has also be revamped to a much simpler look. Now it looks some what like the New Google’s Top menu bar. In option to deactivate the Admin bar while viewing dashboard has been removed in this version.

  3. Fly out Admin menus–  Even the Admin menus that you see on the left hand side in your dashboard has been changed. It will now be a fly out menu instead of the drop open menu.

in WP 3.2

in WP 3.3

Ofcourse  these three are the feature upgrade are on the user interface (design) of the new WP 3.3, but there are many more upgrading that has been done to the code of the CMS related to security and optimization of performance. The expected release of this version is end of November.
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