Click-through ratio highest on Facebook as compared to Twitter and Google+

By Sudipto   September 26, 2011

Recently Kevin Rose, better know as founder of Digg recently conducted an experiment to check the click through rate of the top 3 social networking sites i.e Facebook, Twitter and Google+. He shared the same article to all the 3 networking sites and tracked the click through. After 17hrs here is what he commented.

w/subscribers facebook has instantly turned into my largest source of link traffic. It makes sense, people check facebook multiple times a day, this gives my post a greater likelihood of being seen.

Kevin has Twitter with 1.2M followers, Google Plus with 128k followers and Facebook with 235k subscribers. The clicks he received was for Twitter: 5,391, Google Plus: 2,513 and Facebook: 8,356.

If someone asks which is the best social networking site to get your target audience. The answer is still Facebook with more than 800+ million users compared to Twitter with 100+ million users and Google+ with somewhat 43 million users. More over as Kevin said there is a better chance that on Facebook you post will be noticed because people visits their Facebook account multiple times to check for updates.

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