Google+ Cheat Sheet

By Sudipto   July 13, 2011

If you are unable to understand what how to go about Google+, then here is the cheat sheet. You don’t have to know any thing more than this to use Google+

1. Format words/sentences

  • *Word* = Word (bold)
  • _Word_ = Word (Italics)
  • -Word- = Word (Strike)

2. Adding Links, Photos and Videos

You can add links photos and videos by directly adding the links to the share box. This is even applicable for page links like you share on Facebook.

3. Circles

Circles are just like following people on Twitter. People do not have to follow you or approve you to see their post. All public posts will be visible to people who are following you.

4. Mentioning People

You can mention people by adding + or @ sign before their name

5. Sending Private messages

You can send private messages by only sharing the post to a person and then disabling reshare

6. Go to the post

Clicking on the time stamp beside the name of the person sharing the post will take you to the post.

7. Sharing to a group

Sharing to a circle is same as sharing to a group. Only those people will be able to see the post who are added to the circle to which you are sharing

8. Hotkeys

  • Space – Scroll down stream
  • Shift Space – Scroll up stream
  • J – Single post down scroll
  • K – Single post up scroll
  • Q – Jump to chat
  • Enter – Start Comment
  • Tab, Enter – End Comment

9. Disable Reshare

After sharing the post click on the small arrow button on the top right corner of the post and select “Disable Reshare”

10. About the +1 button on every post

The +1 button on every post is same as Like on Facebook

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